Jesus, Messiah and King

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  1. Jesus, the Anointed Man of the Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus is the quintessential man of the Spirit; his present position or what he is doing in his people can be understood apart from the Spirit)
  2. The Humanity and Priesthood of Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (Hebrews Chapter 2 presents the priesthood of Jesus and stresses his genuine human nature necessary for him to become a faithful high priest)
  3. The True Seed of Abraham - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus is the true "seed" of Abraham and heir of the covenant promises)
  4. Jesus Refused Political Power - (He rejected Satan's offer of political power and chose, instead, the way of the Suffering Servant) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Who is Jesus? - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:27-30 - Christ is inextricably identified with the Suffering Servant from Isaiah)
  6. The Suffering Son of Man - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:31-9:1 - The Son of Man cannot be known apart from his suffering for others)
  7. Christ's Imminent Death in Mark's Gospel - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 10:32-52 - Jesus continues on the "way" to his inevitable death in Jerusalem)
  8. Excursus: The Son of God in Mark's Gospel - {PDF Copy} - (The Son of Man is revealed in his sufferings and death)
  9. Arrest and Fulfillment - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:14-15 - The Kingdom of God began its implementation in the ministry and death of Jesus)
  10. Let this mind be in you - {PDF Copy} - (Paul summons believers to emulate the self-sacrificial obedience of Jesus in their service to one another)
  11. The Jesus of the First Christian Sermon - {PDF Copy} - (Peter's sermon on the Day of Pentecost presents a very human Jesus who dies and was raised to redeem men unto God)
  12. The Name of Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (The origin and the significance of his name)

  1. Why do the Nations Rage? - {PDF Copy} - (Psalm 2:1-9 - The war against the Messiah by the rulers of the nations occurred in the plot to execute Jesus, according to the New Testament)
  2. Jesus Reigns Now - {PDF Copy} - (Paul's application of Psalm 110:1 to Christ's present reign)
  3. Jesus Reigns on David's Throne - {PDF Copy} - (Upon his ascension, Jesus inherited the Throne of David from Psalm 2:9)
  4. All Authority is Given to me - {PDF Copy} - (Paul's application of Psalm 110:1 to Christ's present reign)
  5. The Exaltation of Jesus in the book of Hebrews - {PDF Copy} - (The book of Hebrews demonstrates the vast superiority of the complete revelation of God in His Son over all previous but partial ones)
  6. The Son is Superior to Angels - {PDF Copy} - (Hebrews 1:5-2:4 - The word of the Son surpasses any word given by angels, including the revelation at Mount Sinai)
  7. The Word of the Son Surpasses the Word of Moses - {PDF Copy} - (Hebrews 3:1-6 - The word of the Son surpasses even the excellent word given by angels through Moses at Mount Sinai)
  8. Jesus Reigns Over All - No Exceptions! - {PDF Copy} - (Since his Resurrection, Jesus has been God's only and absolute ruler over the Cosmos)
  9. The Ruler of the Kings of the Earth - {PDF Copy} - (According to the book of Revelation, Jesus already rules over the kings of the earth - Revelation 1:4-6)
  10. The Messianic Reign of Jesus in Revelation - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus begins his Messianic Reign over the Cosmos following his Death and Resurrection in fulfillment of many prophecies)

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